#Syria news reports for 22/09/2016 via LCCSy


  • A young man was martyred and several others were injured due to targeting highway near #Bado neighborhood and the souq entrance in #Maskana city in the eastern suburbs with 3 Russian airstrikes.
  • 5 civilians were martyred and others injured due to Russian airstrikes on #Sukkari neighborhood today at noon.
  • 2 civilians were martyred and 3 injured due to Assad’s helicopters shelling with barrel bombs on #Ansari neighborhood in the city.
  • Several civilians were martyred in a car bomb explosion at the intersection to #Shamarekh village east of #Azaz city in the northern suburbs.
  • Russian warplanes launched several airstrikes on the neighborhoods of #Maysar #Jazmati #Marja and #Salhin where civilian martyrs and wounded were reported.
  • Revolutionists announced destroying a military bulldozer for Assad’s forces on #Sabiqia front in the southern suburbs using an anti-armor missile.
  • Russian warplanes launched several airstrikes on the city of #Daret_Ezza and the towns of #Mansora and #Babis in the western suburbs.
  • Russian warplanes carried out phosphorus bomb attack on #Karam_Homd neighborhood.
  • Assad’s helicopters dropped several barrel bombs on #Khan_Asal town in the northern suburbs.


  • Russian warplanes launched several airstrikes on the town of #Shifonia along with targeting it with heavy artillery and no casualties were reported.


  • Assad’s warplanes launched 4 airstrikes on #Dael city in the western suburbs.
  • Martyrs and wounded were reported due to a suicidal explosion that targeted a meeting of civilian and military leadership at the police station in #Inkhel city in the northwestern suburbs.
  • Yaqoub Ammar, Local Administration Minister in the Syrian Interim Government, was martyred due to a suicide blast that targeted a meeting held by several civilian leading figures in Inkhel city

Ammar is originally from Nimir village in the northern suburbs of Daraa and he occupied the position of Chairman of Free Daraa Council before being appointed a minister in the interim government
Ammar was kidnapped by “Muthanna” Movement, affiliated with Daesh, and was later rescued by the FSA.

  • Deputy Minister of Services in Syrian Interim Government, Eng. Jamal Amarin, was martyred in the suicide blast in #Inkhil city. The martyr is from #Nawa city.


  • Warplanes launched several airstrikes on #Sinaa neighborhood along with clashes between Assad’s forces and Daesh on most fronts inside the city.


  • Assad’s forces based in #Zein_Abdin Mountain targeted with heavy artillery and missile launchers #Souran city, #Maardis town, and #Kawkab village in the northern suburbs.


  • An IED exploded in a civilian car at #Telmins village east of Marrat Noaman city in the southern suburbs causing material damages.
  • Assad’s warplanes carry out C5 missile attack on the outskirts of #Talnimis town in the eastern suburb of #Maarat_Noaman, in the southern suburbs


  • Assad’s forces in #Zahia_Mountain targeted the borderline with Turkey in #Turkmen_Mountain with rocket launchers.
  • Russian warplanes launched 5 heavy airstrikes on #Kurds_Mountain axes along with targeting them fiercely with artillery and rocket shelling.
  • Russian warplanes launched more than 6 airstrikes on #Kansaba axis in #Kurds_Mountain along with targeting #Tifahia and #Birnas axes with dozens of artillery shells by Assad’s forces located in #Shir_Qboa village.
  • Fierce clashes are taking place now on the axes of #Tifahia and #Kurds_Mountain as Assad’s forces, backed by loyal militias, are attempting to advance after preparatory artillery and rocket shelling.
  • Russian warplanes launched 2 airstrikes on #Kinda village in #Kurds_Mountain in the northern suburbs.
  • Clashes are taking place between revolutionists and Assad’s forces on #Tifahia_Mountain axis in #Kurds_Mountain area where 5 members of the latter were killed and dozens others were injured.
  • Killed and wounded among Assad’s forces as the revolutionists targeted their gathering in the axis of #Ain_Issa in #Turkmen_Mountain with a Fagot missile.