‘Over 20,000’ return to freed Syrian town from #Turkey

More than 20,000 Syrians have returned to Jarabulus near the Turkish border, weeks after the Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) liberated the northern Syrian town in Aleppo province, a regional official said.
During the month-long Operation Euphrates Shield, some 1,200 square kilometers (745 miles) of northern Syria had been cleared of terrorist elements in the region. Approximately 900 Daesh targets were hit 4,000 times following the takeover of Jarabulus, the source added.
As a result of the operation, the population of Jarabulus had now swelled to 25,000 from 3,500, according to a local councilor in the Syrian town. Hundreds of families were going back home from Azaz in Aleppo’s northern countryside and Manbij, the official, who spoke on condition on anonymity due to safety concerns, said.
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