#Syria|Defections and resignations in Ahrar follow the Fatwa authorizing to collaborate with the Turkish army

After the fatwa issued by the “Legal Council” movement yesterday September 20, 2016, which answers questions regarding the  fighting with the Turkish army against the  “Daesh.” It has been followed with defections and resignations at the level of individuals and groups in the movement,  and the most prominent of these resignations came from Abu Aliqzan Masri and Abu Shuaib al Masir. The source said that there is great resentment in the headquarters of  Ahrar al-Sham movement because of the fatwa, and that a large number of elements of the movement demand the dismissal  of the leadership, and threaten the split, if it does not distance from  and  undo this fatwa.

However some have welcomed those resignations as a firt stage to clean up the movement from its hardliner and go back to the Revolution.

Source : Raqqa post in arabic

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