#Syria|Aleppo Nth rif| Jarablus and the local council

Two sources told Enab Baladi that Turkey is attempting so far to force a Turkmeni council to run Jarablus, replacing the local council that was formed 2 years ago and is based at Qarqamish, and it is the work of the Turkish intelligence and Gaziantep Wali.

FSA denies those claims.

 The Local Council based in Qarqamish.

The local council was formed 2 years ago, is recongnized by the interim government and the Aleppo Provinve Free Council in addition to all Jarablus components, and has 6 Turkmen members who are in charge of the most important offices.

FSA’s answers :

  1. Liwa Sultan Murad Commander  who was named to be a party to the new alleged Council, denied those claims but spoke about some individuals’ intent to create a “Council of elders”. He added “it is their concerns not ours”. During the conversation, he refused to recognize the present council, calling for the formation of a council  with  members of Jarablus citizens in town, and adding that some individuals who belong to the present council,  without naming them,  have been contacting the Liwa and confirming that the accusation statement is an individual act. He continues:

” we are an armed faction and have no relations with any regions. Civilians are those who run their affairs”.

He inisisted that the Liwa has no ambitions in Jarablus, and those claims are  an attempt to create seddition between the Arabs and the Turkmen, and fit the PYD agendas that the collaborators are spreading.”

  •  Yasser Ibrahim AlYussuf, Nureddine Zenghi political Bureau member, said that Jarablus will be governed by its citizens through an interim  consensually elected council,  pending the return of the  security to the town.
  • Al Mu’tassem Billah Political Bureau Chief said that the “FSA will run the town at the beginning, then  the Jarablus present local council in Qarqamish will take over.

Source: Enab Baladi in arabic http://www.enabbaladi.net/archives/102022