#Syria|Daraa| 21 military factions merge into “Shabab alSunna Forces” #FSA affiliated

On sunday 21/08/2016, 21 factions announced to merge in a new military body “Shabab alSunna Forces” which is affiliated to the Southern Front.

 Colonel “Nasim Abu Ezza” read the statement that the 21 military factions have decided to merge to answer to  the current circumstances of the Syrian Revolution.
“Shabab al-Sunnah”forces includes the following factions:

  1. Brigade of Forsan Zaidi
  2. Liwa Horan.
  3. Liwa Tawhid Horan.
  4. Liwa Caliph Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz.
  5. Al Remah.
  6. AlAwali Brigade.
  7. Yusuf alAdmah Brigade.
  8. Brigade of Martyr Ahmed Khalaf.
  9. Brigade of Commandos of Horan.
  10. Brigade Daraa Lajat.
  11. Brigade of Abu Saddam.
  12. Brigade of Lajat Martyrs.
  13. Brigade Hamza.
  14. Brigade of Martyr Ahmd alMiqdad.
  15. Brigade Khalid Ibn Walid.
  16. Liwa Shuhada alBosra.
  17. Brigade of Martyr Abdul Razzaq Azoubi.
  18. Brigade of Martyr Zuhai alZoubi.
  19. Brigade of Martyr Akhwash.
  20. Liwa Ahfad Ali.
  21. Brigade of Obeida alIssa.
  22. The Medical Battalion.
  • The General Commander appointed is: Haitham Ahmad Odah.
  • The AF colonel Nassim Abu Ezza, chief of the Military Council.
  • Captain Ziad Abbas as the Spox.


Shabab Sunna Forces_FSA