#Syria|Damascus|Report of a powerful explosion

Report of a powerful explosion in the centre of Damascus took place and a smoke covers KafrSusseh, and ambulances are rushing to the location.
The report says that explosion was the result of the carbomb explosion nearby the iranian school in KafrSusseh. Casualties and substantial damages are reported.
Reports mention so far 10 of Halesh and iranian militias killed and 60 injured. However, activists deny those figures.
Activists say this is an iranian dispatching centre.
Al Haj Hussein Wilayati, iranian officer in the intelligence branch, was hit during the carbomb explosion.



A special task group calling itself  “فريق عصائب دمشق للمهام الخاصة” (First time I hear of that group) issued a starement on the FB page, to have carried out the carbomb attack against the iranian forces branch in KafrSusseh, with resulted in the killing of large number of the militias working with the regime forces, among them high ranking officers.

Iranian school is situated in the security quarter where security stringes are very high in the town of Damascus.

Below map shows the iranian building location with the security  quarter


The video :
The IED : 150 kgs


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