#Syria, Aleppo – 500 iranians arrive to Nayrab airbase


Sources in the regime forces in Aleppo,  told Arab 21 that 100s of iranians have arrived to the town through the Nayrab airbas, following the historical huge losses south of the town.

These reinforcements come after Sulaimani declared that they will cooperate with the regime to reconquer the strategic lost areas, including Khan Toma in the southern countriside.

The sources added that 500 iranian militias have arrived to the Nayrab airbase at the east of Aleppo, on saturday morning, and were transported by Syria airways from Damascus int’l airport in consecutive batches.

This arrival have been unde the supervision of Major Fadi Abbas who is responsible of the airbase,  Palestinian Liwa Al Quds commander Mhammad Said that fights with the regime forces and with iranian military commanders. They will join Hezbollah forces in  the southern countriside where a new battle will be launched within 2 days to regain Khan Toman.

Muhanna Jaffala, general commander of Abu Ammara told Arab 21 that they are aware of the iranian forces moves and he added that Khan Toman will be a new cemetery if they dare advancing towards the city

Source in arabic : Arab 21