#Syria, Clarification of what is happening in Sahl Al Ghab.

General presentation:

  1. Jaish Fath launched a firece battle and controlled the first day more than 30 km² of Tal Hemke, Tal Awar, Tal Khattab, Freke, AlKfeir, and other villages that overlook the syrian coast.
  2. The second day, the regime forces launched a counter offensive and controlled some of those hills.
  3. The third day, JAF launched a fierce counter offensive and gained back the control of all those villages : Zyzun Thermic plant, etc.
  4. This morning on 4/07/, the regime launched a counter offensive and control 10 kms out of the 30 kms that JAF control.

Because of the importance of the area, Suhail Hussein and the shia militias fought battles with a powerful air power up to 400 airstrikes in four days, more than 200 shells, rockets and surface to surface missiles.

Abu Udei is the commander who answers the questions:

  • 1st batte of Hama liberation : large territory has been liberated from the village of Al Kfeir in Jisr Al Shughur to the eastern and western of Al Msherfe. Northward and Southward : from Talat Khattab in the north to Tal Waset and Ziyarat in the south. Those areas are the regime spearhead because they are close to Jabal Zawiyat they withdrew from. In the first step of this battle, the regime forces withdrew more than JAF could expect, i .e behind the JAF’s first line that the room operation designed, i.e Tal Khattab, etc. But the regime aircrafts launched air attacks during those 2 first days, the regime carried out 150 air strikes the first day and 120 air strikes the second day.  This airpower hindered their capabilities to stregthen their defense forces which allowed the regime forces to get back quickly some of those areas which don’t exceed 30% out of the areas which have been liberated the 1s t day.

The activist : What are the areas the hills, the villages that JAF and the regime control now ?

  • The regime controlled the first stage on Zyrat, Zyadiyat, Zyzun thermic plant. JAF counter attacked and advanced to control areas in Tal Waset and area in Freke. Then the regime counterattacked again and control Freke totally, Ta Awar, and a large part of the highway between Aleppo and Jisr Al Shughur which was liberated by JAF and enabled the regime to cut JAF’s supply line. He controlled the village of Al Mansoura after Tal Waset. All those areas do not exceed more than 30% of the areas liberated recently.

The activist : this means that we control 70% of the liberated area in the first stage and the regime controls 30%.

  • We are now on Tal Khattab, Kfer, and the lower and middile and upper Al Mentar , Al Manshara, Msherfe, areas from Tal Waset, Talat Elyas, etc.

The activist : why the regime rather fights for this region than others such as iIdlib?

  • This region is the first line of what the regime considers as its own territory, the alawite if we may speak so. This will allow us to close completely the regime door in Idlib province.

The activist : is Sahl Al Ghab a battle for the regime to remain in an area that overlook sIdlib, Lattakia and Rif Hama ?

  • Correct . If he loses this area, the battle will move inside his territory, i.e loyalist to the regime. He added that they are nearby the Latakia mountains’s outskirts, the regime area and the loyalist ones.