Record of Illegal Barrel Bomb Attacks

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At least 70 barrel bomb attacks reported since February 23.

Daraya (7), Daraa Province (19), Daraa City (6), Reef Damascus (16), Idlib (3), Hama (4), Yabroud (2), Homs (3), Aleppo Province (8), Latakia (1).

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March 3

Zakiya, Damascus province: Regime helicopter gunships have dropped more TNT-filled barrel bombs.

Khan el Sheeh Palestinian refugee camp, Damascus province: Regime helicopter gunships have dropped two more TNT-filled barrel bombs on homes in the Khan el Sheeh refugee camp.

March 2

The Moment of Drop 2 Explosive Barrels in Khan Shieh, Damascus.

Helicopters launch a barrel bomb attack on the Tariq al-Sad district of Daraa.

Helicopters targeted Kafrzita with barrel bombs this morning.

Aftermath of a barrel bomb attack on the Sheik Najar district on the northeastern outskirts of Aleppo.

March 1

Mi-24 Airstrike via Barrel-bombs over Khan al-Shih.

LCC: Daraa: Explosive Barrels shelling by helicopters targets Daraa Al-Balad’s neighborhoods

SOHR: Helicopters dropped barrel bombs on areas in Al-Na’ema town.

Barrel bomb dropped by a Syrian warplane landed in the Inkhel area of Daraa.

Daraya Aftermath of Barrel bomb attack.

Homs | Krak des Chevaliers: Clouds of smoke from barrel bombs.

Homs | Krak des Chevaliers: Mid air explosion due to failed barrel bombs.

Daraa Sidon moment fall and explosion of a barrel on the town.

Kafr Takharim, Idlib province, Regime warplanes dropped more TNT-filled barrel bombs on homes in the town of Kafr Takharim in Idlib province at around sunset today. Ten people, all civilians, have been confirmed killed, with many others wounded, some critically. Fires ignited by the latest aerial bombardment are still blazing out of control.

Aleppo | camp Handarat: After targeting the camp, many of the camp is witnessing explosive barrels a case of mass exodus to the Turkish border.

7 people (incl 2 women) in Hmeirat village, Hama today killed by a barrel bomb.

February 28:

The bombing of the double explosive barrels on the town Naemeh by helicopters.

Daraa Naemeh moment the fall of the town of double barrels.

Syrian regime barrel bombs Daraa.

Daraa: Mahaja: Warplanes shell the town with explosive barrels

Daraa: Nawa: 2 Airstrikes with explosive barrels target the middle and western neighborhoods in the city.

Hama | Kafr-Zeita: Explosive barrels dropped on the city from helicopters.

Barrel bombs in Yabroud, Damascus.

Qalamoun Helicopter shown dropped barrel bomb on Al-Sahel.

Aleppo: Report airstrike with TNT-barrel bombs killed a dozen civilists in kurdish Ashrafiyeh district.

4 barrel bombs were dropped by regime warplanes this afternoon on the farms surrounding the Khan Al Sheikh camp for Palestinian refugees.

February 27:

Damascus – Khan Alshek – 27/02/2014 – Assad troops dropped two barrel bombs.

SOHR: Reef Dimashq province: warplanes went in an air raid on areas in Bet-Jin farms, accompanied by barrels bombardment on the area, no reports of injuries.

SOHR: Homs province: An explosive barrel fell on an area in the al-Qusour neighbourhood.

February 26:

Barrel bomb hitting Aleppo’s Kallaseh distrist.

Helicopters dropped barrel bombs this morning on residential areas in the western area of the Daraya suburb of Damascus.

February 24:

LCC: Daraa: Nawa: Many wounded were reported after dropping explosive barrels by warplanes on the western neighborhood of the town

ANA: Dara:

SOHR: Idlib provence : helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the town of Yaktamun in Al Ruj plain.

TNT barrels target Maaraba, Daraa.

SNN: Aleppo: Several civilians have been killed and injured in regime helicopter bombardment with explosive barrels on Asheikh Khidr district and the outskirts of the industrial area.

TNT barrels target Darat Azza, Aleppo.

LCC: Aleppo: Many martyrs and wounded were martyre due to explosive barrels shelling on Fafin village

Enkhil, Daraa casualties, injured civilians…victims of TNT barrels.

Damascus Suburbs – Daraya :: Warplanes drop an explosive barrel on the city.

SMC: Damascus countryside – Helicopter drops 3 barrel bombs on Khan Al-Sheikh camp, causing many to be injured.

SMC: Latakkia countryside – Helicopter drops barrel bombs on Silmi strait.

February 23:

Anadolu Agency: 12 people were killed as regime helicopters dropped barrel bombs on opposition-controlled areas of Aleppo.

Helicopter drops TNT-barrel on Daraya.

Another barrel bomb, hitting Daraya this morning.

Third TNT barrel hits Daraya since the early morning.

Helicopter barrel bomb attack on Daraya.

Explosive double barrels Shelling in Tareeq Al-Sad Neighborhood, Daraa.

Regime warplanes drop barrel bombs on residential areas in.Daraa.

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