#Syria, translation of General Dr. Salim Idriss: SMC Chief of Staff's Statement

Source: SMC Medio office

In the name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

“Verily! Allah loveth those who battle for His cause in ranks, as if they were a solid structure”God Almighty speaks the truth – (Qu’ran As-Saf 61vs4)

Observers who have been monitoring the path of the revolution, and particularly in recent days – where our people inside Syria continue to face regime rockets and barrel bombs – have noticed that some opposition and military parties took certain measures based on personal and individual interests. Today, front line commanders and the heads of local councils join me, in my capacity as Chief of Staff of the Supreme Military Council of Revolutionary and Military Forces. After consulting with revolutionary forces on the ground we have decided on the following:

Firstly, we have broken all links with Majlis al-Thalatheen and the temporary government Defence minister as their decrees were improvised and taken without consultation: they are therefore unlawful and illegitimate. Therefore, we wish to reaffirm that we do not in anyway recognise any statements issued by them.

Secondly, General Salim Idris has been tasked to carry out a comprehensive restructuring initiative of the Supreme Military Council, including the moderate military and revolutionary forces on the ground in order to invest in all available human resources accordingly.

Thirdly, we call upon all military and revolutionary forces on the ground to join the Supreme Military Council to unite and fight together to oust the criminal regime. God is our witness.

Statement signatories:

General Dr. Salim Idris – SMC Chief of Staff

Sr. Brg. General Ziad Fahd – Commander of the southern frontline

Mr. Bashar Al Zoabi – Revolutionary leader of the southern frontline

Sr. Colonel Abdul Baset Al Taweel – Commander of the northern frontline

Colonel Mustafa Hashem – Commander of the central western frontline

Sr. Colonel Fateh Hassoun – Homs frontline Commander

Lieutenant Col. Dr. Mohamad Al Abboud – Commander of eastern frontline

Brigadier General Ahmad Barri – Commander of Hama Military Council

Sr. Colonel Bakkour Al Salim – Military Council Commander of Damascus and Damascus countryside

Sr. Colonel Afif Suleiman – Commander of Idlib Military Council

Colonel Muhammad Awad – Commander of Military Council in the coastal area

Sr. Colonel Ahmad Al Nema – Commander of Daraa Military Council

Sr. Colonel Muhammad Muataz Raslan – Commander of Al Raqqa Military Council

Sr. Colonel Bashar Saadadine – Commander of Homs Council

Lieutenant Col. Muhannad Al Tallaa – Commander of Deir Ezzor Council

Lieutenant Col. Abdul Majeed Sultan – Commander of Hassaka Council


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