#Syria, Daily Report: Saturday 11 January 2014: Executive Summary

The Free Syrian Army shoots down a MiG aircraft and destroys a military helicopter in Deir Ezzor.

Military Operations

Northern Region:

In Deir Ezzor, the FSA brought down a MiG 23 jet using a heat seeking missile in near the city’s military airport. The FSA also destroyed a regime military helicopter carrying barrel bombs and targeting Deir Ezzor military airport which is presently under the FSA’s control.

In Aleppo, the FSA took control of Kafr Halab, Sheikh Ali and Biyanoun towns located to the west of Aleppo countryside. The FSA also targeted Hanano barricade, Suleiman Al Halabi, and Al-Orqoub operations room in Aleppo using mortar shells and locally made rockets.

Southern Region:

In Daraa, the FSA destroyed two regime Shilka trolleys using [23] anti-aircraft missiles in Al-Sheikh Miskein town in Daraa countryside killing an unconfirmed number of soldiers and taking control of the western side of Al-Shiekh Miskein in the process.


Northern Region:

In Aleppo, the FSA blocked an attempt by ISIS forces to raid the city of Al Bab from the southern side of the city.

In Al-Raqqa, clashes resumed between FSA and ISIS forces.

Central Region:

In Homs, a number of regime soldiers were killed on the Homs – Damascus road during clashes that broke out between the FSA soldiers and regime forces.

In Lattakia, the FSA engaged in clashes with ISIS forces in Ateira, Bashoura and Al Najiya villages in Lattakia countryside.

Southern Region:

In Daraa, clashes took place between FSA and regime forces in Al-Sheikh Miskein, while clashes broke out between the two sides on the Tareiq Al-Sad neighbourhood which resulted in the deaths of an unknown number of regime soldiers. The clashes erupted after the regime’s attempt to infiltrate the neighbourhood from the Saraya building side.

In Damascus, the FSA engaged in violent clashes with regime forces blocking their raid attempt of the Al-Qaboun neighbourhood. The clashes resulted in the deaths of an unconfirmed number of regime soldiers. Daraya city also saw similar clashes between the two fighting sides on the eastern and southern sides of the city. Meanwhile rebels engaged in clashes with Hezbollah militias in Al Ahmadiya town killing a number of militia.


Northern Region:

In Idlib, regime forces bombarded the town of Saraqeb using heavy artillery from their base at the brick factory. The regime’s air force targeted Sarja town in Jabal Al-Zawiya with barrel bombs. Meanwhile, ISIS forces detonated a car bomb in Mardeih.

In Aleppo, the Al Rashidein neighbourhood witnessed heavy tank shelling launched by regime forces. Regime forces also targeted the opposition controlled town of Biyanoun with barrel bombs. Regime forces also bombarded the area falling between Jisr Al –Haj and the Salaheddine neighbourhood using heavy machine guns.

In Al-Raqqa, ISIS terrorists set off a car bomb at the FSA premises in Tal Abiyad.

Central Region:

In Homs, regime forces continued targeting Al-Dar Al- Kabira city using mortars from their base in the military academy while also targeting the Al-Waar neighbourhood using tank shelling.

In Hama, regime forces targeted the agricultural areas to the north of Al-Latamna city with barrel bombs, while also launching a similar attack on Kafr Zeta city. Al Ofairat was victim to airstrikes. Meanwhile, a number of casualties were incurred as a result of the regime’s air force attack targeting the city with missiles.

In Lattakia, regime forces targeted Rabea town in Al Turkman Mountain with rocket shelling launched from their bases in Khirbat Al-Solas and Beit Holaibiya.

Southern Region:

In Damascus countryside, regime forces shelled Douma city a using [23 type] tank from their base in the air security branch in the Al-Qaboun neighbourhood in Damascus, while also attacking the city of Daraya using a surface-to-surface rocket and barrel bombs. The attack was launched by the regime’s military vehicles base in Harasta targeting the area of Misraba town. The regime’s air force targeted Khan Al-Sheih town using barrel bombs while also conducting airstrikes over the city of Adra.

In Daraa, the regime’s air force dropped barrel bombs on the city of Inkhel while also launching airstrikes on Al-Sheikh Miskein. Meanwhile, regime forces also shelled Al Nuema town from their base in Al- Panorama battalion in Daraa countryside

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