Qalamoun Media Center ; #Daily_summary : #Tuesday 26-11-2013

Today, Free Army has achieved many victories in Qalamoun as it destroyed 4 tanks, killed more than 70 soldiers and blocked Assad’s forces from entering Nabek and Der Atteyeh. Free Army also targeted Dmair military air port by Grad rockets and killed many of Assad’s forces in Saydnaya.

In response, Assad’s regiment retaliated of Nabek city by air raiding on it more than 25 times leading to the martyrdom of 10. The air fighter raided also on Yabroud, the international highway, Talfita and Rankous. In addition, Assad’s cannons shelled Nabek, Yabourd, Zabadani, Hererah, Wadi Barada, Tal, Badda, Talfita and Rankous.

Qalamoun Media Center counted today one Scud missile was fired from brigade 155 towards the north of Syria.

Details :
|| #Nabek ||
The air fighters raided on Nabek city more than 25 times in the early morning what led to the martyrdom of 9 and tens of casualties. Another martyrs died due to the clashes of the sides of the city. Meanwhile, the shelling by all kinds of cannons and rocket launchers continued towards the city.

Humanitarian conditions :
Assad’s forces are still imposing a siege around the city as more than 150 thousand people are living in Nabek city without any flour or baby milk for a whole week. The Qalamoun (Nabek ) Hospital also needs a lot of blood units.

|| Photos :

  • Members of Free Army evacuating the martyrs and casualties after targeting them by Assad’s forces with air raids :
  • The continuous shelling on Nabek city :
  • The houses after it was targeted by air raids :
  • The smoke due to the shelling :

|| Videos :

  • Free Army evacuating the martyrs and wounded :
  • Side of the selling an clashes in Nabek city :
  • Traces of the air raid which targeted the Valley Street :

|| #Talfita ||
Very brutal shelling by the cannons in Saydnaya targeted the fields of Talfita as more than 100 shells fell on the poor city leading to destruction and fires in the houses and the injury of three children because of the shelling towards the school they live in. air fighters raided also on the fields of Talifta and Rankous.

|| #Yabroud ||
MIG air fighters roared intensively over Yabroud and Nabek as next they raided on Rima area many times.

|| #Tal ||
Artillery shelling targeted the western sides of the city.

|| #Wadi_Barada ||
Artillery shelling by Bassemeh point and brigade 104 towards the mountains of Wadi Barada , Efreh road and Der_Meqrean road.

|| #Rankous ||
Dozens of shells by regiment 67 and brigade 65 targeted the town.

|| #Zabadani ||
Rockets and artillery shelling by Camp , Hosh and Jamleh checkpoints targeted the Eastern mountain :

|| #Ras_Muarra ||
Interruption of electricity and water in the village

|| #Saydnaya ||
6 surface-surface missiles by brigade 155 and red ,flare shells targeted Saydnaya Observatory

|| #Badda ||
martyrdom of a child ” Louaay Muhammad Haidar ” 5 years old due to the shelling.

|| #Hererah ||
Interruption of electricity and Internet in the town

|| #Hafer_Foqa ||
Image of one of the shells from brigade 155 heading to Saydnaya Observatory:

#Scud :
A Scud missile was fired northwards from brigade 155 at || 8:48 pm ||

|| #Free_Syrian_Army ||

| #International_Highway and #Nabek |
1- For the seventh day, Free Army is still considering the international highway in Qalamoun as a military zone as all the military cars and all the military points in Nabek are considered targets for the Free Army and they were already targeted with mortars and Grad rockets.

Complete interruption of the movement on the international highway between Homs and Damascus for the seventh day :

2- Free Army destroyed 4 tanks, one of them was T82.

3- Sanabel building which is on near the international highway was bombed and all Assad’s forces in it were killed.

4- Free Army took complete control of the whole international highway in Qalamoun.

5- Free Army blocked Assad’s forces while they were trying to break into Nabek city, but Free Army stopped them and forces them to withdraw after 20 soldiers were killed by Free Army.

6- All Assad’s forces who they were on the international highway withdrew to brigade18 and Chemistry Battalion.

The result : more than 70 soldiers of Assad’s Army were killed today by the heroes of Free Army.

#Dmair :
FSA targeted Dmair military airport by Grads

#Saydnaya :
Shabbeh ” Joseph Kebbeh ” was killed during clashes with Free Army.