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Syria – Progress Posts
51 minutes ago

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Updates for the past 24 hours in order of post
Local Coordination Committees in Syria.
Shaam News Network (SNN)

23h Homs | Addowair | Fierce regime tank and mortar shelling on the village.

17h Homs | Regime warplane bombardment and rocket shelling on Hawareen and Maheen townships.

17h Homs: Rastan: Renewal of gvozdika and mortar shelling from the engineering battalion targets the city

15h Homs | Alwaar | Regime forces are targeting the7th area in the district with explosive barrels injuring many civilians.

10h Homs: Ghanto: Renewal of clashes between FSA and regime forces and Abo Al-Fadl Al-Abbas members in Al-Kam area along with shelling targets the town

10h Homs | Krak des Chevaliers | Regime forces have struck the city with fierce heavy artillery shelling.

10h Homs: Zaafraneh: Fierce heavy artillery shelling from engineering battalion targets the area

10h Homs | Talbeeseh | Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Assad forces on the city’s outskirts amid regime mortar and artillery shelling on the city.

9h Homs | Clashes between the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Assad forces near Alkem village amid regime artillery shelling on Alghanto township in northern rural Homs.

8h Homs | Alwaar | Abu Jarah, a SNN reporter, was shot by Assad sniper while covering the ground situation in the district’s seventh zone. SNN team wishes him a quick recovery.