#Syria: Syrian Christians for Peace: ‘Mother’ Agnus is an Assad agent in the clothes of a nun


More than two and a half years into the Syria Revolution, the Syrian Regime’s Mukhabarat ‘s never-ending charades and play-acts continue. They are staged over the dead bodies and torn limbs of the freedom-seeking people of Syria, who are seeking to topple a totalitarian dictatorship that has been terrorizing, robbing, and killing, with no mercy and no remorse for none and nothing.


One of the cornerstones of Assad’s two-and-a-half-year playacts is nun Fadia Lahham (aka Agnes), head of the convent of Saint Jacob the Dismembered in the town of Qara, Syria. She is a nun indeed, but instead of dedicating her life to prayers and worship, and helping people, especially in these tough times, she is instead using her (religious) position to help Assad, in an attempt to varnish his reputation with her friends in France, Lebanon, Israel, and other countries.

Agnes’ first media appearance was at the beginning of the Syrian Revolution. During a press conference in Beirut, she stated that there had been no peaceful demonstrations in Syria, despite having been seen (a mere few hours before) in one of those peaceful demonstrations in Qalamoon, rubbing shoulders with other Syrians as they marched. Syrians had long practiced peaceful revolution in the street before resorting to arms. Thus did she begin and continue to demonize a people’s revolution, a people, her people, who have been daily presenting hundreds, as offerings on the twin altars of freedom and dignity, long-missed in Syria.


Agnes, the so-called “nun”, has been working for Assad within and outside of Syria. She’s been a frequent traveler whose constant goal is to support Assad, demonize the revolution, and present false testimony. She has recently visited Israel and conducted interviews with Israeli media, in effect begging Israeli leaders to let Assad (and his blood-stained regime) be. She professed her love for Israel, at the behest of her masters, Assad and Hezbollah. We, Syrian Christians at Syrian Christians for Peace, furthermore have some documents that prove Agnes has been collecting donations for expatriate Syrian Christians and has not provided any of them with information on the uses the money is put to. Therefore, we demand that the Catholic Church stop Agnes from doing any further harm in the name of the Church. We ask that she be excommunicated and prevented from speaking in the name of the Order of Carmelites. The reason is that she has been capitalizing on her religious position, in the service of Assad instead of Christ. We assert that Agnes and those who have walked her path do not represent Eastern Christianity.


Syrian Christians recognize the truth, and the truth sets us free. We have been Syrians long before Assad and we will remain long after he is gone. Our country’s revolution is a revolution for dignity freedom and democracy. This is also our revolution, and we are an integral part of this country and its people.

Finally, we add that crimes and transgressions cannot be forgotten. This “nun” and other agents of the totalitarian blood-drenched Regime will have their deeds remembered. The Syrian people will look with a cold stare on all those who have helped in the bloodshed, and all those who have danced and made merry on their pains and the dismembered parts of their martyrs. May God grant mercy to all those who have been killed for seeking freedom. Long live Syria a free nation and a country for all its citizens.


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