Prostitution and Sex Abuse Spread as Lebanon’s Refugee…

Prostitution and Sex Abuse Spread as Lebanon’s Refugee Crisis Worsens

With no jobs and no way out, some Palestinian and Syrian refugees turn to “survival sex” — or are forced to do so.

Maher Tabarany, the director of the Home of Hope, a shelter for street children based in Beirut, said prostitution among Syrian refugees was widespread.

“I have a boy here at the moment who was sold to pedophiles by his father. Men would take turns in the bathroom with him. The little boy used to see his dad take money for this,” he said.

“Then I know an 18-year-old married Syrian girl whose husband sends her to work as a prostitute. People will do anything to survive. We have seen it all here. We are going to back to the old days, where women are being enslaved and sold off. There are just no jobs in Lebanon anymore. Human beings these days are cheap.”


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