ANA #Aleppo #Syria people took to the streets…

ANA: #Aleppo #Syria: people took to the streets this afternoon in several areas of central Aleppo on a new Friday of anti government demonstrations across Syria calling for freedom and the toppling of regime. This Friday was named “Prisoners as Pure as the Jasmine”, dedicated to the women held in Syrian prisons.
Demonstrations took place in the following areas:

  • Bestan Al-Qasr
  • Old city
  • Sekkari
  • Ansari
  • Salaheddin
  • Meshehad
  • Masaken Hanano
  • Ferdous
  • Al Bab Road area
  • Baedeen

Video of the anti government demonstration kicked off in the Menbej area of Aleppo province

On the sign in the photo below: “Your freedom is close, oh heroes, forgive us for the delay”.

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