Radio Free Syria 45 minutes ago Ariha #Idlib…

Radio Free Syria
45 minutes ago
Ariha, #Idlib province, 26-08-2013: The latest reports from Ariha suggest that initial estimates of the number of fatalities were far lower than the actual numbers, with 200 residents now reported killed in yesterday’s frenzied carpet bombing of the city. The city’s hospital is currently reportedly overflowing with bodies as more are found beneath the rubble of destroyed homes and other buildings.

Assad’s warplanes launched 55 air raids on the city on Sunday, dropping TNT-filled barrel bombs on residential areas and razing many homes and other buildings to the ground, while regime ground forces subjected it to ferocious heavy artillery shelling.
The regime attacks were reportedly launched in retaliation for the FSA’s liberation of the city from regime control on Saturday. Almost all the victims are civilians, many of them women and children.

From: Revolution News