#Syria #Damascus Interesting report of quarrels within the…

#Syria #Damascus

Interesting report of quarrels within the ranks of the regime army and its foreign allies in Damascus, mostly concerning the brutality of operations


As the opposition advances into new districts in the capital, tension among government forces have begun to surface. In some cases, government troops have been deterred by the more abhorrent behavior of pro-regime militia forces in the area. Reports by activists in Damascus say that government troops have sometimes been forced to prevent massacres from taking place by the hands of Iraqi and Lebanese Shia militia groups – begging the question of how long the regime can retain command and control as it increasingly relies on irregular forces.[23] In other cases, infighting has occurred between different government units over operations, particularly in cases where it has meant aerial bombardment of city centers. In the past, government troops had negotiated with opposition forces in creating truces that prevented the aerial bombardment, and thus destruction, of key districts in the capital.[24] Yet as the opposition has advanced, more and more of Damascus is being threatened by the government’s bombardment, causing misgivings among those troops who are not keen to see the city become a replica of destroyed Aleppo or Homs.[25] While this has not significantly impacted operations in the city so far, if these trends are exacerbated, it could spell trouble for the government in the future. – See more at: http://www.understandingwar.org/backgrounder/opposition-advances-damascus#sthash.q35MYj16.gPOto99i.dpuf

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