#Syrie, Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: 15 martyrs, among them 7 women and 5 children, along with dozens of wounded, most of whom are in critical conditions, were reported due to shelling with surface-to-surface missiles at Hamdan entrance in Yarmouk Street and Thalatheen Street, in addition to another missile that landed nearby a kindergarten, the identified martyrs are: Anwar Fadlon, Shatha Fadlon, Wasel Fadlon, Amer Fadlon, child Adel Fadlon, child Marah Salah Hamad, Raghad Salah Hamad, Afaf Mderdes, Hanan Shaker, and Ahmad Abdullah. Note that the numbers may increase due the extreme shortage of medical equipments.
Throughout 7 months, the Camp has given a sum of 602 martyrs, among them 104 children, due to the daily shelling with artillery and rocket launchers as well as the daily clashes. The camp was also bombed with toxic chemicals in the past few days which led to 15 martyrs, the regime’s forces’ offensive has led to demolition of a number of mosques and hospitals due to shelling that reached the area’s infrastructure. Moreover, the camp suffers from crucial lack of medicaments and goods amid a suffocating siege imposed by the regime’s forces since 7 months in the camp