Col Asaad Many of FSA Officers were marginalized…

Col. Asaad: Many of FSA Officers were marginalized by Military Council, including me

The founder of the Free Syrian Army expressed his fears through a message to Zaman Alwasl of deviation the Syria Revolution, stressing that the Assad regime can’t be toppled as long as the military and political efforts are not at a high level of coordination and unity.

Colonel Riad Al-Assaad rang the tocsin, warning of the danger of restore control by the Assad regime on the liberated territories, especially in Aleppo after Qusayr Battle and its reinforcements in Damascus countryside and Homs with the ultimate support of Iran by arms and equipped militias like Hezbollah and the revolutionary Guards, what makes The regional and International support is very pivotal.

Al-Assad admitted to “Zaman Alwasl” also that the revolution has become at risk in light of the different vision of the opposition forces. He called for reunion of armed opposition under leadership of Gen. Salim Idriss the commander of chiefs of Staff and the leader of Supreme Military Council in order to fight the Assad troops which already stepping forwards.

Regarding the newest restructuring of the Free Syrian Army by Gen Idriss, the colonel said that this step came as result of declining FSA control. So, it was necessary to reinforce the Leadership by 11 Generals. ”I think it’s time to unify the revolution military, not to be fragmented.” Asaad added.

Asaad criticized including civilians in the FSA Chiefs of Staff, saying it will be at the expense of military officers what couldn’t serve the revolution and military action.

That the Joint Chiefs of Staff had refused joining a lot of dissident officers under his command what pushed him to a new military council.He Revealed.

Col. Asaad noted to the hard situation of tens of deserted officers in Turkey, who were marginalized by Military Council where they are looking to play bigger role in the Syrian revolution.

Al-Asaad was victim of a car bomb explosion near Mayadin on 25 March 2013 he, in eastern Syria. He was taken to Turkey for a treatment.” Part of his right leg was amputated. He had announced his defection on 4 July 2011, while he established the Free Syrian Army on 29 July 2011. He went to Turkish Hatay Province, where he was under patronage of the Turkish Army. His family members have been victims of execution by Bashar al-Assad’s forces.

On 22 September 2012, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) announced that it had moved its command centre from Turkey to “liberated areas” inside Syria.

Riad al-Assad has made controversial statements such as suggesting that suicide bombing is “an integral part of revolutionary action, of Free Syrian Army action.”