Figures of Regime losses in Men and Arms

According to activists losses in Assad’s army = 68000
Reuters says : 15000 all together (shabbiha, security forces and army)
of wchic 6000 Alawites not yet known to their families as the regme wants to ensure their

3700 tanks unfit to work out and damaged of 5000
60 planes remain to the regime : sokhoi
380 tanks out of work completely or partially
280 BMPs destroyed and damaged
131 BRDM destroyed and damaged
146 trucks destroyed and damaged
150 military ambulances destroyed and damaged

3 helicopters destroyed russian made
Reuters : 100000 have left the army – 99% of those coming from Horan have defected

Amunitions used against the syrian people = all those used during the wars with Israel since 1973
of wihich 10 times those of Lebanese war;