Syria Media Roundup (June 13) – Part 1

Regional and International Perspectives

The New Problem From Hell Aaron David Miller argues that the United States should not intervene in Syria but it might just be headed that direction anyway.

Syrian Displacement Reopens Child Exploitation Debate Faten Elhajj says there is an increasing problem of child labor in Lebanon, tied to the Syria crisis.

Seduced by War, Europeans Join the Fight in Syria Nadette de Visser provides a detailed account of the situation.

Syria v Libya v Iraq Two striking graphs showing the number of deaths from internal conflict in 2007 and 2012.

BNP Leader Nick Griffin on Mysterious Trip to Lebanon The fascist chairman of the British National Party spent some time in Beirut.

Syria Narratives

Cockburn on Syria: Prejudice Offered up as Wisdom Michael Neumann says the two main problems with his article, reminiscent of others on Syria, is that “there’s the pretentious arm-wave towards history and there’s the deliberately lazy misuse of  ‘proxy’.”

Syrian Teenager’s Public Death Reveals Growing Anger as Civil War Continues A fourteen year-old boy from Aleppo, Mohammad al-Qatta, was brutally murdered in front of his parents after saying he would charge Prophet Mohammad if he asked for coffee.

Syria: Inventing a Religious War Toby Matthiesen argues that “by misunderstanding the complicated history of Syria’s alliances with Shia groups, we may contribute to the very sectarian tensions that are tearing the region apart.”

Rebels Carry Out Ethnic Cleansing in Eastern Syria Hassan Hassan on the latest massacre near Deir Ezzor that targeted Shiites.

Syria or Elsewhere, There are no Pure Revolutions, Just Revolutions Syria Freedom Forever criticizes the actors behind Geneva II and the Syrian National coalition.