Hizbullah Celebrates the Fall of al-Qusayr

Qifa Nabki


I was about to publish a post this morning about the different scenarios of a post-conflict Syria and their implications for Hizbullah, but someone sent me this photo and I couldn’t resist posting it.

What we have here is the scene of a couple Hizbullah volunteers handing out candies in celebration of the fact that “al-Qusayr has fallen”. Perhaps someone can confirm the precise neighborhood, but I’d be surprised if it were somewhere outside of al-Dahiyeh. The hubris evoked by this scene is deeply disturbing to me.

At home there tarries like a lurking snake,
Biding its time, a wrath unreconciled,
A wily watcher, passionate to slake,
In blood, resentment for a murdered child.

― Aeschylus, Agamemnon

Update: Some folks are claiming that this is a doctored picture. If someone can provide proof one way or the other, let me know. In either case, it seems a little…

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