Syria Media Roundup (May 9) – 4

Syria Narratives

We Cannot Fix The National Problems of Syria Joshua Landis remains opposed to a U.S. intervention in Syria, pointing to many examples of past interventions that have failed.


New Addition to the Syrian Islamic Front Aron Lund on this latest military development

Major Salafi Faction Criticizes Jabhat al-Nosra Aron Lund on the latest source of fragmentation among extremist groups fighting in Syria

How Much Would a No Fly Zone Over Syria Cost? Kevin Baron provides an interventionist perspective by evaluating the feasibility of a no-fly zone.

Syria: What’s Really Happening? Aaron David Miller says “before we succumb to the talking points of the liberal interventionists and neoconservatives who are pushing the president to save Syria, let’s consider for a moment what Syria is not.”

Series on Syria: Angry Arab Interviews Rania Abouzeid of Time Asad AbuKhalil asks her questions about the challenges of reporting the Syria crisis in Western outlets.

Syria is Not Iraq Advocating for an intervention in Syria, Bill Keller says “[in Syria] we have a genuine, imperiled national interest, not just a fabricated one.”


How Syria Ruined the Arab Spring Marc Lynch says “it is sobering to step back and take account of how dramatically and radically the Syrian conflict has reshaped the world that the Arab uprisings created.” 

 Al Bayda

Lessons From a Massacre that Assad Looks to Exploit Hassan Hassan argues that “ sectarian cleansing is not being conducted for the purpose of establishing a potential state but for other strategic reasons to ensure the flow of Alawite fighters from and into this area.”

Sectarian Cleansing in Syria’s Coastal Region?
Hassan Hassan complements his article with a blog entry, adding that, to his knowledge, “this is the first time Alawite religious leaders associate themselves so openly with pro-regime informal militias that carry out acts of sectarian cleansing.”

Video featuring Mihraç Ural, seemingly responsible for the events, after he advocated for a plan to “clean Banias from its traitors”

Chemical Weapons

Comments on the Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria
Eliot Higgins (Brown Moses) is skeptical about three incidents that the media presented as chemical weapons attacks, events that he deconstructs in an accessible way.

Chemical Claims Should be Investigated, not Used as Pretext for War

Was the Chemical Weapons Prove “Torpedoed” by the West? Adam Larson provides a useful timeline of events regarding the chemical weapons allegations, which have increased over the past six weeks.

Turkish Doctors Say No Nerve Gas in Syrian Victims’ Blood Tracey Shelton reports on Turkey’s investigation that proved negative.

Israel’s Attack on Syria

Timeline: Israel Attacks on Syrian Targets

Azmi Bishara on Repeated Israeli Strikes Against Syria

Syrians React to Israeli Airstrikes While some completely reject both the regime and Israel, others welcomed the latest move by Syria’s neihgbor.

Israel Bombs Syria, Again Asad AbuKhalil pessimistically argues that “the conflict in Syria has long been outside of the hands of the Syrian people.”

Statement Regarding the Israeli Attack on Syria  The Syrian coalition media office releases a statement condemning the Israeli attack.

Source: jadaliyya – Syria Media Roundup (May 9)