Syria Media Roundup (May 9) – 3

Inside Syria

Inside Syria’s Siege Economy reporting from Aleppo, Keith Proctor writes: “in effect, regime and opposition forces have established procedures that allow life in the city to continue, even as they work tirelessly to kill one another.”

Escalation in Khan al-Sheeh Palestinian Refugee Camp Anas Zarzar reports on this camp southwest of Damascus, once more under fire from both sides.

A Grandmother’s Return to Damascus

« En Syrie, la Capacite de se Projeter Dans le Futur a Disparu » Audrey Magis, a Belgian psychologist, is back from a two-month mission in Syria and tells stories of people who lost their sense of purpose.

Chatting About “Game of Thrones” With Syria’s Most Feared Islamic Militants Danny Gold’s covert encounter with two members of Jabhat al-Nusra

Kurdish Group Gaining Autonomy in Northern Syria Andrea Glioti says “the appearance of Qamishli, the main city of Syrian Kurdistan, brings evidence to the thesis of a tacit agreement between the PYD and the regime”

Two Syrian Women, Two Very Different Perspectives on War
Melissa Block speaks to one woman in Damascus and one woman in Lattakia, following Israel’s attack on the Syrian capital.

A Female Fighter, Under a Man’s Name Sasha Ghosh-Siminoff recalls his encounter with a Damascene activist turned opposition fighter

Source: jadaliyya – Syria Media Roundup (May 9)