#Syria this is the translation of Moaz Al…

#Syria, this is the translation of Moaz Al Khatib’s on “Arab Street” – Al Arabiya programme.

One of the best Syrian TV personalities @zyazigi talks to SOC leader Moaz Khatib

Kindly translated on twitter by @omarsyria

Khatib: The people decide whether Bashar Assad can get a safe exit, it is not me to decide. It is not a one-sided decision.

Khatib: The conventional opposition does not think of giving Assad a safe exit, but on the street many may consider it.

Khatib: How will we deal with the state employees? He suggests the S.African and Rwanda approach as an example.

Khatib: The policital solution is not unacceptable, unless it is to save and preserve the regime.

Khatib: The regime claims it is seeking a political solution, but they are like the boy who cried wolf.

Khatib: If the regime wants to start a political solution, they should start by releasing Abdul-Aziz Al-Khayyir.

Khatib: My resignation was manipulated and taken advantage of for personal agendas.

Khatib: My resignation was due to my frustration of the SOC and parties within, and the international community also helped convince me.

Khatib: My resignation is still in effect, but I am waiting for the general assembly to convene and decide. If they refuse I may reconsider.

Khatib: The only time I didn’t go with the SOC’s agenda is when I proposed a negotiated settlement with the regime.

Khatib: There are some parties in the SOC who act inappropriately towards myself and the rest of the oppostion and the people.

Khatib: I asked for a public televized debate with Bashar Assad, some may find it funny but it was an idea.

Khatib: I am not seeking a political position in a post-Assad Syria.

Khatib: It pained me to see the opportunism in the SOC, many are talking about chairs and percentages as others are dying.

Khatib: The SOC will dissolve after Assad falls and it is only an interim revolutionary representative group.

Khatib: The revolution was popular and peaceful but was forced to militarize.

Khatib: The only foreign intervention that may come now is to crush the revolution and divide our country.

Khatib: I am against all foreign intervention.

Khatib: Some aid may protect people, for example the using of the Patriot missiles on the Turkish borders to protect the northern area.

Khatib: The Syrian regime opened the door for all intelligence agencies in the world to function in Syria.

Khatib: Syria’s unity is our red line.

Khatib: The regime is the one who enabled and facilitated the intervention and foreign conspiracy against the Syrian people.

Khatib: The conspiracy may be stopped if the opposition unites and the intervention and opportunism in it stops.

Khatib: There are people who are payed from certain forces who now speak on behalf of the oppostion.

Khatib: We only inherited our backstabbing and attacking from Baathism.

Khatib: Some Islamists attack others, some secularists attack Islamists. I try to stay balanced between them all to serve the people.

Khatib: If I can help our people from an informal position more than I currently can, I will leave the SOC.

Khatib: I had a normal relation with Bouti and I have long disagreed with him, and I have not contacted him since I left.

Khatib: Bouti’s assassination is disgusting and condemned.

Khatib: Bouti supported the regime from a religious standpoint, and was against opposing the ruler bc of his understating of Islam.

Khatib: The Syrian people are independent and will not be subordinate to the Western axis or anyone.

Khatib: I have good relations with all sides but I refuse to follow any one side, and I am pressured to do so.

Khatib on the MB: Islam is larger to be appropriated by anyone and cannot be represented by one party.

Khatib: The MB helped make Hitto be elected as interim PM, but some others also helped vote him in.

Khatib: If Hitto is working to serve one party, then he is betraying the revolution and the country.

Khatib on the armed opp: Targeting civilians, stealing, attacking are condemned and are a shame on the opposition.

Khatib: There are criminals in the armed opp who were released in prisons and there are opportunists and they are the ones causing trouble.

Khatib: I am not happy in a political position and it is not my job but I do it to serve my people.

Khatib: I am constantly asked about the Alawites, we should not fear for minorities, the regime targeted all and the revo. will free all.

Khatib to Bashar: Look into your children’s eyes and for once make a right decision.

Khatib on meeting Assad: Syria deserves more.

Khatib: If the international community conspires against the revolution, the Syrian people’s blood will be a curse on them all.