Syria Media Roundup (March 28)

Regional and International Perspectives


Syria: The Failure of Our So-Called International Community  Archbishop Desmond Tutu writes: “in the absence of a political solution, there is simply no excuse for the lack of concerted, neutral humanitarian efforts to reach the millions who are suffering everywhere in the country.”

Trapped: The Plight of Palestinian Refugees From Syria Alessandra Ram on Zaatri’s strict refugee policies, discriminating against Palestinian refugees.


A Dead-End Pursuit Not Worth Pursuing: Syria and the Question of Intervention Rana Khoury says “calls for intervention on the part of the opposition are evidence of a failing strategy that portends more violence and bloodshed; instead, the opposition should focus on achieving a democratic and just future.”


Moaz al-Khatib, Moderate Syrian Leader, Resigns, as Islamic Front and Nusra Move on Damascus Joshua Landis’ take on the latest developments that catapulted Ghassan Hitto as interim Prime Minister


Syrian Narratives


Resistance within Resistance  Charles Tripp notes that the “emergence of dominant narratives within resistance movements, and the diminishing space allowed to those who might think of resistance differently and seek to act accordingly.”

Daughter of Syria’s Slain Cleric Speaks Out
Sumayya al-Bouti says her father supported the regime “based on conviction”

On the Death of Sheikh al-Bouti Maysaloon says “the death of a man of his theological and intellectual calibre will be a great blow to Islam, and not just any Islam, but Levantine Islam.”


Blame the Regime for Killing a Cleric Who Backed Assad Hassan Hassan says the killing of al-Bouti might encourage those still on the fence to join the Syrian army.


Qui a Tue al-Bouti, Qui Est Responsible et Pourquoi Est-Il Mort? Ignace Leverrier also has doubts about the government’s narrative on al-Bouti’s death, especially since no picure of his body appeared in the media.


Syrian Regime Loses Last Credible Ally Among the Sunni Ulema Thomas Pierret provides an overview of al Bouti’s political and religious stances.


Syria is Our Business Too: Why Europe Must Take the Lead on Efforts to End Civil War Ulrich Speck says “Paris, London and Berlin must start a major diplomatic initiative, in coordination with Washington.”


A Great Example of How Not to Write About Chemical Weapons and Arms in Syria Brown Moses worries about the authenticity of some videos about chemical weapons use in Syria.


Syria’s Shiites Offer Different Picture of War Patrick McDonnell and Nabih Bulos collect the testimonies of some who were kidnapped or killed because suspected of having ties to the regime.


The Second Destruction: Syria and the Upcoming Reconstruction Nizar Ghanem says “the reconstruction of Syria raises the main question posed by political economy – that is, the dilemma between economic growth and distribution.”

Karl Sharro: A Human Flood From the Baath State Karl Sharro on the rural/urban divide and the dangers of depicting Syrian refugees as uncontrolled masses.

Just How Blind Are We In Syria Robert Baer says experts now mainly rely on data analytics, algorithms and social media to understand Syria, while they should go back to a more traditional system and observe the situation on the ground.

How the Syrian Opposition is Like Mean Girls
David Kenner says “the most important figures form factions that engage in petty, backstabbing behavior over seemingly minor issues — but what they’re really fighting over is power.”


Some Thoughts on Muaz al-Khatib’s Resignation Darth Nader says “Ghassan Hitto, who does not have the legitimacy that Khatib has, especially considering the fact that most Syrians had never even heard of him until he was elected, is a politically weak figure, which seems to suggest that he was not chosen based on merit or appeal on the ground”


Seizing the Day After Clare Lockhart outlines economic factors that will require attention in the reconstruction of Syria.


Translation of Muaz alKhatib Address to the Arab League on 03/26/13


Moaz al-Khatib’s Speech at the Arab Summit: March 26, 2013 Another translation of the opposition leader’s speech by Abu Jamajem