Ali Mahmoud Othman Prisoner of Conscience Coordination of…

Syria - POC - Ali Mahmoud Othman - C of Drs in Homs - 29-3-2013

Ali Mahmoud Othman
Prisoner of Conscience

Coordination of Doctors in Homs

A year has passed since arrest of our HERO journalist Ali Mahmoud Othman…
Let us pray for his release and the release of all prisoners!!

The journalist Ali Mahmoud Othman was born in 1978. He worked as a vegetable-seller prior to the revolution. Ali Othman was one of the first to join the uprising in the Syrian revolution, and then ran the makeshift media center in the besieged neighborhood of Baba Amr where two international journalists were killed in February, included filming protests and the events taking place. Ali Othman has remained in detention since his arrest in early April. Authorities have not disclosed Othman’s condition or any charges against him.

Some of the strongest clips Ali took with his camera, was actually the first video of the shelling – he speaks saying “Baba Amr is being shelled … Where are you oh Arabs!”

His life was at risk twice as he was present both times the Baba Amr media centre got shelled.

The first time the Baba Amr media office was shelled: Ali Othman is present and speaks clearly saying “turn off the live stream, they have found out where we are”

Ali Othman was involved in helping the injuries and carrying them to safety during the attack on the Baba Amr media office:

The second time the Baba Amr media office was shelled: This was the attack that led to the twi journalists Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik being killed and others including the Briitish journalist Paul Conroy, Edith Bouvier, William Daniels and Javier Espinosa being saved as well as activists. Ali subjected his life to risk as he went in to film and save the injured. He filmed this clip minutes after the attack:

A clip showing Ali Othman bravely speaking to the Turkish RT channel regarding the devastating situation of Baba Amr