Number of planes shot down since March 2012 and by region

First row from left to right : Marche 2012 to March 2013: figures can be understood

The second raw is by region : left to right


DS: 38

Aleppo: 36

Deir Ezzor: 26

Hama: 14

Homs: 8

Daraa: 3

Lattakia: 1

Raqqa: 6

Total number of planes destroyed since the beginning of the FSA military operation and 2 year after the starting of the revolution: 187. Idlib is the winner with 55 planes shot down.

How many warjets and Helicopters ?

87 warjets shot down

100 helicopters shot down

How where they destroyed ?

146 were blown in the sky

  41 were destroyed in the airports.