Achievements of the Free Syrian Army today in…

Achievements of the Free Syrian Army today in all parts of Syria:
1 – Liberation of brigade 17 in Raqqa and awaiting to complete a combing of the liberated streets and joy prevail in the streets of Raqqa
2 – Liberation of Air defense Brigade 113 in Deir al-Zour, along with light and heavy spoil and liberation of the industrial district in the city
3 – Liberation of the Artillery regiment 137 artillery in Khan Sheikh Rural Damascus
4 – FSA controls the thermal station in Zizun Gesr El Shughur in Idlib.
5 – Daraa: FSA controls the international road between Damascus and Deraa and announces a military zone, along with the ongoing siege of Brigade 38 in Saida and Mig shot down.
6 – FSA controls the Division 68 in Drousha area in West Ghota in Rural Damascus

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