News round up : #Syrian Narratives



Violence and Democracy in Syria Haytham Manaa still believes a peaceful civil movement can solve the situation in Syria.


Where is Syria Now? Rita from Syria says “I no longer recognize myself, nor my country. Everything has changed.”


Syria’s Battle Royale Emile Hokayem says “the intensification of violence suggests that what many have dubbed “the grand battle for Damascus” is gathering force — a major rebel offensive that has been in the works for several months may soon begin.”


Fighting Escalates in Syrian Capital Sam Dagher says “the outcome of the fight in Jobar could determine whether a fate similar to Aleppo in the north awaits Damascus, seat of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad”


The Syrian People Will not Kneel, Despite Threats From Outside and Within Syria Freedom Forever says Moaz Khatib’s initiatives reflect “clearly the will of the traditional bourgeoisie and especially of Damascus, to find a solution that maintains its class interests, which were served by the current regime for decades, but that became threaten completely with this popular revolution.”

BBC Documentary Examines Syria’s State TV Channel al Ikhbariya


A New Phase for the Struggle in Syria Patrick Seale notes three major developments in Syria.


Time and Questions Razan Ghazzawi on how her notion of time was transformed during the Syrian uprising