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 | Friday of Homs Calls Upon the Revolutionaries: End the Siege | January 4, 2013

|| Documentation ||
Death Toll: 8
Number of arrests: 7
Number of demonstration points : 75
Number of demonstrations fired upon: 10
Instance of gunfire: 33
Number of areas that were shelled: 9
Number of times heavy military equipment was sited: 8
Number of defections: 0

|| Martyrs ||
• Saleem Abdulrahman al-Shaikh / Hama: Soran / FSA soldier killed in an ambush by regime forces
• Saad Mer’ei al-Mustafa / age 25 / Hama: Taizeen / killed by a pro-regime sniper from Kafrattoon while in the agricultural fields between Taizeen and Kafratoon
• Amer Mukhles al-Atr / age 38 / Hama: Tayebt al-Imam / executed by regime military forces on Tayebt al-Imam – al-Masasneh Road
• Mohammad Riad al-Razzouq / age 16
• Osama Abdullah al-Razouq / age 27
• Khaled Theiban al-Theiban / age 35
• Mohammad al-Zeir / Hama: Salamieh / known as Abu Ahmed, FSA soldier killed in clashes with regime forces in al-Jabileh neighborhood of Deir Ezzor on 04/01/2013
• Waleed Mohammad al-Hamdo / Southern Hama Countryside: Maqtaa’ al-Hajar / his body was found on Thursday after he was slaughtered by regime forces who cut his tongue out after going missing near Jarjara junction on Wednesday

|| Situation in the City and Countryside ||
¤ Hama City:
Starting in the early morning, warplanes were seen flying over the city as regime forces were deployed in most neighborhoods and temporary checkpoints were erected in various parts of the city.
Despite this, large anti-regime demonstrations were held after Friday prayer, and regime forces surrounded a number of mosques to prevent these demonstrations from emerging.
Munitioned Assad regime forces deployed near al-Falah Mosque in al-Eleileyat with an armored vehicle, as shabiha thugs from al-Harash checkpoint were on alert and positioned on the street across from al-Nour Mosque.
Regime forces near al-Hamedeya neighborhood opened fire during the demonstrations, and in Tareeq Halab, Assad regime forces on the rooftops of residential buildings opened fire onto the demonstration that emerged from Othman ibn Affan Mosque.
Regime forces were deployed at al-Sha’ar gas station in Janoob al-Thakaneh across from the Workers’ Union building. They asked for the ID cards of car owners at the gas station.
In the early morning on 03/01/2013, Assad regime forces entered the neighborhood and erected a temporary checkpoint near the industrial institute after they entered al-Mashaa’. They hid their vehicles were dressed in plainclothes and held walkie talkies, posing as members of the FSA. They entered a number of grocery stores and asked about people who haven’t reported for their military duty. They they planted a bomb on the road named as al-Aleesh Street and it went off before sunset.

al-Qusour Neighborhood:
In the early morning today, regime forces deployed in the neighborhood to frighten residents and to scare them out of holding anti-regime demonstrations. At around 12 p.m., forces were seen at Abdulrahman ibn Awf Mosque with an SUV. At around 12:40, an armored vehicles and a number of forces on foot were seen roaming around as people exited al-Rahma Mosque. Cars belonging to shabiha were seen on Streets 26 and 30 as they headed toward Beshr Mosque. Talhat al-Khair Mosque was also surrounded by regime forces, so protesters made calls of God is great from inside. A demonstration was held outside Mahmoud al-Shaqfe Mosque. At night, intermittent gunfire was reported.

¤ Hama Countryside:
Anti-regime demonstrations were held in most towns and cities of the countryside after Friday prayer today, with people chanting in support of the FSA and afflicted cities.

Regime forces in Deir Mharde heavily shelled the city today.

Despite the heavy shelling of the city, a massive anti-regime demonstration was held in the city today.

Today, many security forces and shabiha with armored vehicles were seen at the entrance to the village, especially from the direction of Khattab Road and al-Zuwwar and Tayebt al-Imam. At least two tanks and 40 armed men were seen at the Khalil checkpoint.

Regime forces in Deir Mharde and Khattab shelled the city with missiles and artillery.
Renewed shelling of the city from Khattab and Deir Mharde was reported.

Tayebt al-Imam:
Assad regime forces surrounded the city from the direction of Qamhaneh, al-Waibada farm and the north. Clashes broke out between the FSA battalions in the city and regime forces at the edges of the city amid artillery shelling.
Regime forces summarily executed four individuals on the Tayebt al-Imam-al-Masasneh Road as they were fleeing shelling.

Missile and artillery shelling of the village from Deir Mharde was reported.

Shelling of the area with tank shelled and Gvozdika artillery by regime forces at the Qurmos and al-Ta’uneh checkpoints west of Aqrab has renewed amid a total power outage in the area.

|| Videos ||
¤ Hama City:
A warplane in flight over the city

Assad regime forces positioned atop occupied buildings open fire toward the houses of civilians

¤ Hama Countryside:
An amateur promo for the city’s martyrs
A report on the difficult humanitarian conditions in the city, including the struggle for a loaf of bread

Destruction in the neighborhoods of the city

The funeral procession for the village’s martyrs who disappeared 20 days ago and were found dead yesterday at the Hama National Hospital
1. Nooreddine Yahya Hamsho
2. Mohammad Ali al-Khaleef (ibn Abu Hussain al-Badawi)
3. Khetam Mustafa Ammar (Mohammad’s wife)

Tayebt al-Imam:
Destruction caused by the shelling of residential buildings in the city
Some of the people wounded by the arbitrary shelling of the city

The funeral for Osama Qaddour al-Sulaiman Krash

The funeral for Saleem Abdulrahman al-Sah, a 25-year-old FSA soldier

Free Syrian Army:
The Usood Ahl al-Bait Factory for weapons and ammunition that belongings to the Ahl al-Bait Brigade of the Liberating Syria Front

|| Demonstrations ||
¤ Hama City:
al-Qusour Neighborhood:
A demonstration in the neighborhood with chants in support of revolting cities

Tareeq Halab Neighborhood:
A demonstration in the neighborhood with chants in support of Syria and Iraq

al-Hamedeya Neighborhood:
A demonstration in the neighborhood with signs in support of Homs and al-Mleiha

Mashaa’ al-Furuseyeh Neighborhood:
An anti-regime demonstration that emerged from al-Mu’mineen Mosque after Friday prayer

al-Shaikh ‘Anbar Neighborhood:
An anti-regime demonstration that was held in the neighborhood this evening

¤ Hama Countryside:
An anti-regime demonstration in support of Homs

A large anti-regime demonstration in the liberated city

Qal’at al-Madeeq:
An anti-regime demonstration in the city today

Protestors held an anti-regime demonstration in the city and blockaded the road leading to the demonstration square by burning tires so as to prevent it being attacked by shabiha
The demonstration this evening in support of besieged Homs
Mousab al-Hamadee speaks to Al Arabiya TV about the difficult humanitarian conditions in the Hama countryside as a result of the siege and shelling by regime forces.
Updates on the situation in Hama and its suburbs with a focus on the vicious attack on Tayebt al-Imam – Mousab al-Hamadee speaks to Sky News Arabia