Defections and New Units 01 01 2013 thanks…

Defections and New Units 01/01/2013 thanks to PolishSoldier @PolishSoldier1

Formation of “Saqr Qoraish” battalion in Daraa countryside.

Formation “Martyrs of Damascus” battalion as part of “Saif al-Sham” Brigade.

Defection of soldier Khaled Bursh in Aleppo.

Defection of 6 soldiers from Kwers Airport.

Defection of Judge Badr El Din Bilal Chairman of Customs Court in Aleppo.

Defection of Colonel Sulaiman Said Shallal.

Formation of “Omar bin Khattab” Brigade led by Colonel Mustafa Mahmoud Abdul Baqi.

defection of soldier Hassan Issa.

Formation “Fedayeen” battalion in Damascus and its countryside.

Formation “Truthful Promise” Regiment.

Formation of “Dhi Qar” Brigade in Qalamoun.

Formation “Knights of Islam” battalion in Qalamoun: Damascus.

Formation “Martyrs of Al Assi” Brigade.

Formation Special Tasks Unit as part of Badr Brigade in Damascus.

Defection of Colonel Mohiuddin Harmush Chief of the Political Security Branch in Hama.

Formation “Grandsons of Prophet” battalion in Damascus.

Defection of Hasan Hamud from anti terrorist unit.

Defection of 21 soldiers in Raqqa.

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