Ras al Ain #Raqqa #Syria Helicopters kill 4…

Ras al-Ain #Raqqa #Syria Helicopters kill 4 & cross border

Turk4Syria ‏@Turk4Syria

Here a picture of Ras Al Ain/Sere Kaniye after it was bombed today. Taken from the Turkish side of the border: http://instagr.am/p/R7BGSVuT2f/

Wounded civilians being brought from Ras Al Ain/Sere Kaniye to the Turkish side of the border: http://youtu.be/fXbvB4apqV0 via @NMSyria

According to AA, 4 people were killed during this morning’s aerial bombardment at the border & many were wounded, about 20 of them heavily.

In Ceylanpinar, opposite of Ras Al Ain/Sere Kaniye, 1 person was wounded and windows were shattered by the helicopter shelling in Syria.

According to people at the border, Assad’s helicopters entered Turkey’s territory before & after shelling buildings in the Syrian town.

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