Syrian Revolution News Round-up ملخص أحداث الثورة السورية Day 600: Saturday, 3 November 2012 اليوم ٦٠٠: السبت ٣ تشرين الثاني/نوفمبر ٢٠١٢

Regime confiscates assets of 20 Syrian businesspersons

Syrian businesspersons included in the sanctions list – Mohammad Hakami and Waleed al-Zo’bi

Today’s Top Stories
  • The Syrian Ministry of Finance imposed assets freeze on 20 Syrian businesspersons for financing “armed terrorist groups”.
  • Rebels launched major offensive to take over an airbase in Idlib.
  • More than 21 children and 12 women killed in indiscriminate aerial and artillery shelling across the country.
Today’s Top Videos
  • Salqin, Idlib: Rebel fighters storm the Dowayla military base, P2, P3
  • Ma’arrat Noman, Idlib: Regime forces use cluster bombs against civilian, killing and injuring dozens of them and reducing houses to rubble, P2, P3, P4
  • Leaked video footage shows Assad’s forces mutilating the bodies of the rebel fighters, P2

Today’s Statistics

  • Civilians Death Toll: 156including 21 children, 12 women and 56 rebel fighters (Damascus and Suburbs: 50, Idlib: 47, Aleppo: 16, Homs: 11, Deir Azzour: 10, Daraa: 10, Quanaitera: 9, Hama: 2, Raqa: 1)
  • Number of areas shelled: +197
  • Regime Soldiers Death Toll: +54
  • Number of People Wounded: +160
  • Number of People Detained: +55
  • FSA Key Operations:
    • Attacked the airbase of Taftanaz in the suburbs of Idlib and shot down a helicopter gunship.
    • Stormed the military base of Dowayla in the suburbs of Idlib.
    • Destroyed more than eight military tanks and dozens of armoured vehicles during clashes across the country.

Summary of Events

The Syrian Ministry of Finance imposed assets freeze on 20 Syrian businesspersons accusing them of financing what it called “armed terrorist groups”. It also accused them of taking part in a conspiracy against the government meant to destabilize the country and instigate a civil war and a sectarian strife.

The ministry’s decrees No. 1620 and 1588 included Sumaya Hamsho, Mohammad Rabee Khayat, Mohammad Mohieddin Khayat, Khaled Mahameed, Mohammad Rahif Hakami, Waleed al-Zo’bi, Abdul-Qader Sankari, Ismael Saadi, Natheer Shaheen, Hasnaa al-Besh, Mohammad Rashad Shaheen, Lara Natheer Shaheen, Rawad Natheer Shaheen, Nagham Natheer Shaeen, Rama Natheer Shaheen, Mohammad Motaz Khayat, Alaa Khayat, Mohammad Khayat, Ramez Khayat and Ruslan Khayat.

Fierce fighting broke out in more than 58 different areas across the country. The rebels launched a major offensive in a bid to take over the military airbase of Taftanaz in the suburb of Idlib, they also stormed the military base of Dowayla in the Idlib suburb of Salqin capturing a number of military tanks, armoured vehicles and heavy weaponry.

The rebels attacked military checkpoints in the neighbourhoods of Qabun, Barzdeh and Qadam in Damascus as they continued their attack on an artillery base in the Deir Azzour suburb of Mayadin. There have been clashes in many areas in Aleppo and Homs where a military tank defected to the rebel’ side in the Homs suburb of Mubarakiya. The rebels also repelled a major ground assault on the villages of Brayqa and Be’r Ajam in the southern province of Qunaitera near the border with the Golan Heights.

Rebel fighters killed at least 54 army soldiers and destroyed more than eight military tanks and dozens of armoured vehicles. The rebels also shot down a helicopter gunship near the Taftanaz airbase.

Regime forces resumed their indiscriminate and systematic bombardments on rebels’ strongholds using all sorts of heavy weaponry including fighter jets. They shelled more than 197 different areas and killed more than 156 people, including 21 children, 12 women and 56 rebel fighters.

At least 40 people were killed due to the fierce and indiscriminate artillery and aerial bombardments on the residential areas in the Idlib suburbs of Ma’arrat Noman, Kafartakharim, Ma’arrat Masrin, Armanaz, Aafes and Bennesh. Regime warplanes used cluster bombs maiming across wide areas and reducing dozens of houses to rubble.

At least 16 people, mostly women and children were killed in an airstrike on a residential compound in the Damascus suburb of Zamalka, while dozens more were also killed in similar attacks on the Damascus suburbs of Douma, Harasta, Moadamiya, Yalda, Saqba, Kafarbatna, Hazeh and Zabadani. Meanwhile, five men were summarily executed by the pro-regime “popular committees” in the neighbourhood of Qabun in Damascus.

Regime forces also killed 16 people in Aleppo, 11 in Homs and ten more in each of Deir Azzour and Daraa as well as nine rebel fighters in t Qunaitera, two civilians in Hama and one more in Raqa.